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Neurolinguistic Healthcare is a system of communication and therapy developed from the amalgamation of various health and healing disciplines, incorporating aspects of Psychotherapy, CBT, Motivational Interviewing, EMDR, Martial Arts, NLP, Hypnotherapy, and Mindfulness to name a few, not forgetting the unique experience of both the doctors who have developed this with about 40 years of combined experience in medicine, health, and healing. 


Become a Stronger, Healthier, Happier, YOU!

   2Day , 1-weekend Introduction to Unconscious Communication Course, Sat 27th Apr & Sun 28th Apr 2024, Old Diorama Arts Centre, Central London

We invite you to this special 2-day Unconscious Communication Course which will make you more effective at therapeutic techniques in a 10 minute consultation:
    1. A basic overview of Dr Wong and Dr Akhtar’s over 15 years of experience of Integrative Health and Unconscious Communication and their application in 10 minute appointments.
    2. An understanding of Unconscious Communicaiton in practice and the power of communicating unconsciously.
    3. Understand the ability to Influence subconsciously using verbal and non-verbal communication.
    4. Acquite the ability to apply Unconscious Communication in your everyday practice.
    5. Learn about areas where Dr Wong and Dr Akhtar are experts in, a novel way of understanding Chronic pain, effective soft-tissue management in primary care, therapeutic interventions using the principles of behavioural science and psychological techniques.
    6. Learn how to reduce prescribing of opioid medication.
    7. Learn the Neurolinguistic Healthcare model of the mind, effective alteration of thinking, and a different model of PTSD and effective principles in its management in a 10 minute consultation.
    8. Visualisation and relaxation practices these doctors have found most effective in their work and through reading of modern and ancient texts.
    9. Learn at least 3 therapeutic techniques to use on yourself and your patients or others that are the most powerful and effective techniques Dr Wong and Dr Wong Akhtar have learned.
    10. Access to an online group mentorship programme with Dr Akhtar and Dr Wong for 1 year to ensure any remaining questions get answered and that you are actually going forth to apply these skills. (worth over £1000 in value)
    11. Access to online learning membership site with educational videos and other content including things not covered on the course.



Time to just STOP doing ineffective things and time to learn something that works

Books have been written about communication and therapy but there has been little unifying concepts of being able to incorporate this together. Dr Wong and Dr Akhtar have incorporated NLP and marketing from the business world and combined it with Hypnotherapy and various Psychotherapies from the medical world as well as incorporating other complementary sciences in combination with modern teaching and learning techniques to design a course that will consistently give you the skills and confidence to be able to communicate and heal effectively. 

Our Mission!

When we discovered that all our years of medical training only scraped the iceberg of what was possible in health and healing, we set off on a mission to simplify, extrapolate, and improve upon existing NLP and Hypnotherapy courses to provide what we believe to be the most effective medical course in Neurolinguistic Healthcare skills there is in the world, delivered in comprehensive yet succinct courses in both NLH and Hypnosis. Isn’t it time that you are able to perform miracles with accuracy and precision, rather than making careless mistakes in communication that actually make patients worse and more likely to complain?

Dr T Wong Co-developer of Neurolinguistic Healthcare

NLH and NLP Trainer, GP Trainer

face-45Isn’t it time to do something about developing yourself into the best healer that you can be. We communicate so much through language – verbal and non-verbal. What if you were giving off the wrong signals – instead of healing, what if you were doing harm?

Learn the common mistakes people make so often every day. Everything begins with awareness. Gain awareness, Gain enlightenment. Join us.

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