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Amalgamating years of training in different disciplines of health and healing with thousands of patients treated and different techniques used, Neurolinguistic Healthcare is an amalgamation of the original work of NLP in modeling the best therapists of its time and the modern evidence-based techniques of psychotherapy including mindfulness practices and modern neuroscience research as well as skills in techniques such as Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, EMDR, Solution-focused therapy, CBT, and Motivational Interviewing. These techinques have been brought together in a course that is able to deliver through a practitioner and master practitioner programme a comprehensive focused approach to dealing with almost any situation and any problem faced in the most stressful of environments.

As GPs, Dr Wong and Dr Akhtar can see over 100 patients each a week and have used their skills in NLH to influence a positive outcome in most of the consultations by design rather than by accident and are able to look at what can be improved objectively. In addition, NLH contains within it Skills essential in Resilience and the ability to deal effectively with stress and handling of workload. One of the essential components of NLH is the ability to recognise so-called altered states of susceptibility of patients to suggestion and such be cautious in giving any negative suggestions and very precise in utilising these states to aid healing.

We believe most Effective therapies involve a limited number of skills that we have designed into easy to learn concepts that can be utilised easily and effectively. We believe in practising with precision, and developing ourselves and you to the best of your ability, to become not just an ordinary therapist or healer, but the best that you can be.


We wasted many years of our training learning to be excellent theorists but were blind to the actual underlying problems before us
We are here to aid you to see the problems behind the problems.
Heartsinks no longer sink your heart.

See people in a new light, with compassion, with caring, with control, with the ability to understand…


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