Conscious Eating – Avoid Overeating or Undereating

Mindful eating, eating that is connected to the sensation of enjoyment and being full, will result in the adequate amount of food consumed, and avoid overeating or under-eating.

One of the things I found when I lost my sense of taste was that our relationship with food is an unconscious one related to emotions.

I could get these amazing sensations of comfort, family, and love when I used to think about chocolate and when I looked and smelled it, but then when I ate it, it just didn’t feel the same as the quality of the taste had changed. I felt like I was eating butter, not being able to taste the sweetness, thus I was losing my good memories. So, now I look at chocolate and smell it, and smile, remembering the feelings I used to have. I choose to keep those feelings and not change them, so avoid chocolate.

Hence, one can develop a new relationship with food: One that lets food go and understands that one is just consuming feelings. The feelings can remain, but the false association with food can be left behind and cast away.

Welcome to mindful eating. Enjoy the taste for the moment and stay conscious to what eating is doing for you.

Interestingly, you need less food than you think. If you do an office job like I do, you probably only need one and at most 2 meals a day without any snacks in between.

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