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Neurolinguistic Programming was originally conceived as a therapeutic modality by Richard Bandler and John Grinder. Unfortunately, over time NLP has been used as a modality to improve personal and professional performance in the business world. Neurolinguistic Healthcare (NLH) was thus formed by Dr Wong and Dr Akhtar to bring NLP back to its original therapeutic roots as well as drawing more upon  modern hypnosis and other therapeutic modalities.

Over time and practice, and many years of training, NLH was conceived using simple learned language patterns in consultations with patients to change outcomes. Therapeutic techniques were conceived and improved upon allowing a host of different tools to use for people with conditions such as pain and mood disorders.

In NLH, there are three main principles:

  1. To know your outcome
  2. To know you are getting your outcome
  3. To be able to change what you do if you are not getting your outcome.

These are taught in a structured manner with regards to consulting patients and the therapeutic consultation. Our courses are available here.



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