The Power of Positive Thinking

Giving yourself subliminal messages all the time is the result of many untoward things that happen to us or many of the best things that happen to us. For example, saying to yourself, ‘This NEVER works…. He NEVER buys me flowers… She ALWAYS gets angry with me…” breeds discontentment, and even an expectation of behaviour. What if instead, the words used were, “This SOMETIMES works…. He SOMETIMES forgets to buy me flowers… She SOMETIMES gets angry with me…”. One would already experience that this is a kinder way of speaking to oneself.

What if other words were changed, and other speech patterns and inbuilt habits continued to take place. What if positive suggestions instead, like “I have always recovered from Colds/Viruses…. I will always recover from them…. I get better easily and in a short amount of time… I only stay ill for a day or two then feel better…” Could this begin to affect the immune system?

Could the words we use be responsible for the way we act? What are spells but words spoken with an intent?

Welcome to the world of Neurolinguistic Healthcare.

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